​          In All Bathrooms:

  1. De-cobweb Entire Bathrooms

  2. Completely Sanitize All Toilets Inside & Out 

  3. Completely Sanitize All Sinks/ Tubs & Showers

  4. Clean Vanities & Light fixtures 

  5. Clean All Wood-Work & Vents

  6. Trash Removal

  7. Clean All Light-Fixtures & Light Switches 

  8. Vacuum & Hand Wash Entire Floor 

In All Offices And Or Businesses:

  1. De-cobweb Entire Areas

  2. Clean & Dust All Offices & Rooms

  3. Clean All Entryways Including Glass Doors

  4. Clean And Organize All Areas Upon Request 

  5. Sanitize & Deodorize All Bathrooms  

  6. Completely Sanitize All Toilets Inside & Out 

  7. Trash removal

  8. Light fixtures and or chandeliers cleaned

  9. Vacuuming & Washing All Flooring 

  10. Cleaning All Wall Art & Knick Knacks 

  11. Detailed Cleaning All Desks And Work Areas

"Always Dependable, Certainly Trustworthy,

Definitely Respectful"

           In The Kitchen:

  1. De-Cobweb Entire Area
  2. Clean All Counter Tops & Back-Splash 
  3. Clean Inside & Outside Microwave 
  4. Top & Front Of All Your Small Appliances                 
  5. Clean Kitchen Cabinets 
  6. Clean Pantry ( Upon Request ) 
  7. Garbage & Recycling Removal  
  8. Clean Inside Fridge  ( Upon Request ) 
  9. Vacuum All Kitchen-Floors
  10. Hand-Wash All Kitchen Floors
  11. Clean All Knick Knacks & Wall Art 
  12. Clean Kitchen Table & Chairs 
  13. Cleaning All Woodwork In Kitchen

Some of our popular services include:

​          In All Living Areas:

  1. De-cobweb Entire Areas
  2. Changing Linens Upon Request
  3. Organize & Straighten Out Agreed Areas
  4. Clean All Woodwork; Including Baseboards, Windowsills & Frames, Blinds, Ceiling Fans Door and Frames
  5. Clean Inside & Outside Patio & Front Doors
  6. Dusting All Furniture And Knick Knacks 
  7. Vacuum Couch-Cushions Upon Request 
  8. Vacuuming And Or Sweeping All Floors 
  9. Hand-Washing All Bathroom & Kitchen Floors
  10. Mopping Larger Area / Floors  
  11. Clean Streak-Free Mirrors 

Our Courteous And Knowledgeable Cleaning Staff,  Will Always Provide You With A Clear Assessment Of What Your Customized Cleaning Will Require. 

To begin discussing your cleaning service with one of our friendly and knowledgeable professionals, contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services and schedule a free estimate appointment at a time that is convenient to you.

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